PWC – One Embankment Place

London, England.

Contract value £1,000,000

Leyton Group constructed a new scenic lift shaft at 1 Embankment Place.

Prior to lift shaft being constructed a large amount of strengthening works were carried out to the existing structure. The lift shaft was built from top down starting with a complex truss arrangement, the steel shaft then runs through the atrium of the building.

Each individual truss sections was scalloped out and delivered in individual pieces to allow for restricted deliveries via the goods lift then assembled onsite to form the truss structure. Following on from the truss the lift shaft was made up of vertical circular hollow steel sections with steel framework tying back into the structure at each level. On alternate levels a new slab was formed extending out to the new lift shaft. Every hollow section was delivered in a 3m lengths and fully welded then every weld was ultrasonically tested.

All works were carried out whilst the offices were still occupied by 2,500 staff!

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